I was recommended to cirrhosis.co.uk

I was recommended to cirrhosis.co.uk by a friend who had successful treatment there. I was suffering from severe stress which made my eczema itchy and worse. The only way I could relax was to have a drink which I knew I was doing to excess. With a busy job as a director it was the only way to let off steam.

My diet was also in poor shape as the alcohol made me crave certain foods which I knew were bad for me. I was already aware I had an allergy to dairy, and wondered if the was anything else that I was reacting to. I suffered boils under my arms and dry flakey blistered feet as well as sinus problems and hayfever in the summer. I knew that the way things were going my health would only get worse.
On the first appointment at cirrhosis.co.uk I had an allergy, intolerance, and nutritional deficiency test. The results detected several intolerances and that I had an imbalance of bacteria in my gut which could’ve been contributing to my alcohol cravings. I was advised to avoid certain foods and given alternatives instead. I was also given supplements to support my body in the healing process.
By the second appointment my boils were reduced in size, and the blisters on my feet were drying up. I had also cut down my alcohol intake.
By the third appointment  I had not had a drink for a whole week which was unheard of as I usually drank every day. The eczema was alot less itchy and my feet were not as red.
I continue to have further appointments to improve my health and feel that I’m now on the right track.

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