‘I had been drinking for over 30 years.

‘I had been drinking for over 30 years. I would average a quarter to half a bottle of vodka or whisky a night, plus a few extra strong lagers. I did not drink during the day and hold day a full time job, but as soon as I got home from work I would open the fridge and pour myself a drink. One drink would lead to another until I would pass out asleep. I have a wife and 4 young daughters all under the age of ten. I never went out to drink, I always drank at home. I was never a bad drunk I just became a big kid, joking around, but it was not a good example to set for my small children.

I was ill for 2 years with pancreatitis and had been advised to give up drinking otherwise it would turn into cirrhosis of the liver and there would be no turning back, I would be given 5 years to live. I knew that I had to give up for good, and I tried absolutely everything; we travelled to India to try Ayurvedic Medicine. I also received medication over here in the UK for my GP to help me to give up. I attended AA meetings and had counselling but nothing could make me quit. My body just felt that it was screaming out for a drink.

3 weeks ago I had my first bioresonance session. I was sceptical but optomisitic. Since then I have not touched even a single drop of alcohol. It has been over the Christmas period where all my family have been round and have been drinking in front of me but I haven’t even wanted to touch a drink. After the holidays I’m now back at work and when I get home from work I get the thought of having a drink, but I know that this is just the habit. I go to the fridge and pour myself a glass of juice, and the thought slips away.

I feel I have got my life back. I sleep well at night and I feel refreshed in the morning, whilst before I was always tired with a dull sore head every day. I have more motivation and love for life. I can enjoy playing with my children and my wife and I have not argued once since I stopped drinking. My daughter said ‘daddy’s such a nice person, he’s really being a good boy now’. They’ve really noticed the difference. It makes me positive I shall never drink again.’


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